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Anar Rzayev

Anar Rzayev (PFP Fall 2013 alumnus) started participating in various youth organizations and was extremely active in various projects since he was 16 years old. He has worked with many different non-governmental organizations in various positions and he was even a member of the Youth Parliament. In 2009, he gave his candidacy to Khatai municipality in order to improve himself, to become more qualified in the field of politics and to be more knowledgeable for the region where he lives. At that time, although he was only 23 years old, his first step in politics was successful. Anar was elected to be a member of the local municipality. Over the next 5 years he was a member of local social, environmental committees and human rights committees at the Khatai municipality.

After participating as a Professional Fellows Program participant, his USA supervisor Joseph Devlin’s visited Baku, strengthening Anar’s position as a young man who is very ambitious and progressive. His reputation increased among the community and district officials in the Khatai region. In addition, the knowledge and skills that he gained in the United States helped him immensely while he started campaigning for the upcoming 2014 electoral campaign.

During the December 23, 2014 Khatai municipality election, Anar Rzayev was elected with the majority of votes among the 105 running candidates. The results of the election have been announced and he is now waiting for Constitutional Court confirmation to begin his duties. After the first meeting, his new responsibilities will be known
“In any case I will try to be more beneficial than I was in the previous years”. – Anar Rzayev

Translation of photo: “For a better Khatai”