EducationUSA Fair 2016

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The EducationUSA Fair in Baku was organized in Park Inn Hotel with the participation of 16 U.S. Universities/Colleges.
The goal of the fair was to bring together all of those interested in studying abroad and inform them about opportunities at U.S. universities. This Fair gave an opportunity to students, school children and their parents to meet representatives of U.S. universities and ask them questions about studying abroad.
Pre-Fair presentations were conducted by Matthew Lunn, the U.S. Embassy Visa Consul and Mila Lystopad, the Adelphi University representative with the topics of “Visa Application Process” and the “Scholarship Opportunities” respectively.
In addition, a visit to Baku International School (BIS) was organized by EducationUSA in the morning of the same day. 13 U.S. University/College representatives visited the BIS to meet with high school students and promoted their Universities/Colleges.
The number of students registered online was 237 and the number of on-site registrations was 122.
The total number of students who visited the fair was up to 200 this year.

The Ambassador, Mr. Cekuta attended the Fair and the DCM, William Gill attended the reception held after the Fair and welcomed all the guests. The Fair was broadcasted through 11 different mass media channels.