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American Councils for International Education administers PFP since 2012.

Fall 2017





Emil Ahmadov

Position: Department fo International cooperation. Leading adviser, The Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: American Public Transportation Association, Washington, DC







Nargiz Ibrahimova

Position: Cheif Advisor in the Department on Cooperation with International Organizations, The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: Elevate Energy, Chicago, Illinois






Seymur Valiyev

Position: Chairperson, Bridge to the Future Youth Public Union

PFP Placement: Little Rock Workforce Development Board, Little Rock, Arkansas

PFP Outbound Project: Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Youth Employment 

AZ Eldar Babazade

Eldar Babazade

Position: Head of International Practices and Innovations Division, Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: Cook County Treasurer, Chicago, Illinois

PFP Outbound Project: Integrated Property Tax System Implementation

AZ Sevinj Mammadova

Sevinj Mammadova

Position: Executive Director, Junior Achievement Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: Operation HOPE, Aurora, Colorado

PFP Outbound Project: Assistance with the planning and implementation of various programs, including Banking on our Future (financial literacy), HOPE Business in a Box (entrepreneurship), and Cities United Initiative(providing resources for 18-24 year old men of color).


Aydan Rzayeva


PFP Placement: Sequim City Government in Sequim, Washington

PFP Outbound Project: Working with local media, and participate in meetings with the local Civil Service Commission, HR department.

Spring 2017

AZ Babyeva, Aysel

Aysel Babayeva

Position: Senior Advisor, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources

PFP Placement: City of Atlanta, Office of Sustainability, Atlanta, Georgia

PFP Outbound Project: work on a variety of projects under any of five teams: Resilient Atlanta, Energy Team, Urban Agriculture Team, Waste Diversion Team, and Water Team.

AZ Mammadzada, Ziya

Ziya Mammadzada

Position: Head of International Relations and Social Programs Department, Bilasuvar Education Complex

PFP Placement: DC Public Schools, Global Education Team, Washington, D.C.

PFP Outbound Project: Work on various projects, including, but not limited to, the DCPS Study Abroad program, the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP), and the International Food Days Program.


Spring 2016


Seymur Aliyev

Position: Head of Division, Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: Sequim City Government, Sequim Washington

PFP Outbound Project: Style of Management 


Sabuhi Rzayev

Position: Advisor, Administration of the President of the  Republic of Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: Boston Centers for Youth and Families: Division of Youth Engagement and Employment, Boston, Massachusetts

PFP Outbound: New Model of Active Citizenship and Empowering Youth


Fall 2015


Anar Mirzayev

Position: Senior Consultant, Civil Service Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

PFP Placement: City of Chicago Board of Ethics, Chicago, IL

PFP Outbound Project: Establishment of Ethics Control Board and determination of requirements for Ethic Attorneys 


Spring 2015

Baybala Aghayev
Position: Senior Tax Inspector, Division for Tax Monitoring at Financial Institutions, Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan
PFP Placement: Wisconsin State Representative John Macco, Madison, Wisconsin
PFP Outbound Project: Introduction of Manufacturing Tax Credit as a Major Incentive to Boost the Non-oil Sector

Elvira Ismayilova
Position: Public Relations Manager, “ASAN” Volunteers Youth Organization
PFP Placement: Youth Guidance, Chicago, IL

Vusal Mammadov
Position: Head of Organizational and Legal Department, Trade Union of State Organization and Public Service Workers
PFP Placement: Office of Human Resources, Rockville, Maryland
PFP Outbound Project: Implement Alternative Dispute Resolution in Azerbaijan

Fall 2014

Fegan Huseynov

Fagan Huseynov
Position: Adviser, Bilasuvar Region Department of Youth and Sports
PFP Placement: Girls in the Game in Chicago, IL
PFP Outbound Project: “Young Ladies Union”

Spring 2014


Firdovsi Aghashirinov
Leading Adviser, State Insurance Supervision Service of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan
PFP Placement: United States Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency St. Paul Regional Office located in St. Paul, Minnesota.
PFP Outbound Project: “Enhancing crop Insurance system in Azerbaijan”

Ilkin Hajiyev
Position: Humanitarian Assistance Program Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azerbaijan International Development agency
PFP Placement: Global Kids in New York, NY
PFP Outbound Project: “Youth Leadership Program Development”

Rashad Huseynov

Rashad Huseynov
Position: Executive Director, Social Services Initiative NGO
PFP Placement: Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities, Washington DC
PFP Outbound Project: “Situation Assessment of Azerbaijan Republic Deinstitutionalisation State Program (2006-2015) which targeted Persons with Developmental Disabilities”

Fall 2013

Tural Ahmad

Tural Ahmad
Position: Legal advisor to the Peace Keeping Forces brigade, Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan Republic
PFP Placement: Election Division, Colorado Department of State located in Denver, CO.
PFP Outbound Project: “Assistance to electoral initiatives and reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2014”

Anar Rzayev

Anar Rzayev
Position: Member, Khatai Municipality
PFP Placement: City of Sacramento, Office of City Councilmember Jay Schenirer, located in Sacramento, CA.
PFP Outbount Project: “Local self-governments: similarities, differences, challenges and new trends for future development”

Spring 2013

Murad Mammadov

Murad Mammadov
Positon: Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager,World Vision International, Baku.
PFP Placement: Minnesota State Council on Disability, Saint Paul, Minnesota.
PFP Outbount Project: “Let’s include all children.”

Spring 2012


Orkhan Musayev 

Position: Head of the International Relations deparment. Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan
PFP Placement: US Congress. Office of the Senator Dan Coats. Washington DC

Fuad Mayilov 

Fuad Mayilov
Position: Deputy director of the CS HR Recruitment Department of Civil Service Commission under the President of Azerbaijan
PFP Placement: Law Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.